S-two presented their intelligent POSEIDON system components, developed in accordance with the IMO requirements coming up on the 8th of September 2017, which can also be retrofit on any existing vessel.

The overall difficult situation in the maritime industry was also more than palpable at the leading international exhibition in Hamburg, the SMM. However, we could intensify our existing contacts to renowned ship owners and shipyards thanks to our presence at the SMM.

Especially those owners and shipyards who plan and think on a long term basis understood the advantages of S-two’s POSEIDON ship control systems, mostly in terms of retrofitting existing vessels. It was greatly appreciated that not only new shipbuilding projects can benefit from the advantages of the new POSEIDON components but also vessels previously commissioned can be retrofit, resulting in savings regarding cost and time!

One thing is for sure: Our customers expect from us an enormous flexibility when it comes to answers to tomorrow’s challenges. And by having expanded our research and development department, we will be able to swiftly present our response!

This also led to positive feedbacks regarding our latest products:

  • The advanced POSEIDON Ballast Water Circulation System (BWCS) with data logger to comply with IMO requirements coming up on the 8th of September 2017. POSEIDON-BWCS can easily be retrofitted into any existing ship control system.

  • The newly designed “low pressure actuator” – an especially compact, light-weight and, most importantly, inexpensive actuator for smaller size butterfly valves in POSEIDON-Smart ShipPowerBus, the redundant ringbus system.