S-two presented their new and intelligent POSEIDON system components, which can also be retrofit on existing vessels, developed in accordance with the IMO requirements coming up in 2016.

New contacts to renowned ship owners and shipyards were established at the S-two booth during this year’s SMM in Hamburg. Especially those owners and shipyards who plan and think on a long term basis understood the advantages of S-two’s POSEIDON ship control systems. Even more applications are to be found in the offshore market.

Having expanded its research and development department considerably, S-two set new visible standards in the market, particularly with regard to the new IMO (International Maritime Organization) legislation starting in 2016 for ballast water management.

S-two’s presentation at the SMM demonstrated: POSEIDON grants full support to ship owners in implementing the new regulations of IMO after 2016. It was greatly appreciated that not only new shipbuilding projects can benefit from the advantages of the new POSEIDON components but also vessels previously commissioned can be retrofit, resulting in savings regarding cost and time.
Retrofit your existing vessel or upgrade your new-building with POSEIDON’s added intelligence, developed in accordance with IMO requirements:

  • POSEIDON-SCS (Smart Circulation-System)
Automatically circulate all ballast water during voyage for 100% treatment upon arrival without extra man-power, maintaining vessel stability at all times.
  • POSEIDON-SMS (Smart-Monitoring-System)
Be alerted and avert potential problems by continuously monitoring all ballast water operations.
  • POSEIDON-SDL (Smart-Data-Logging-System)
Generate dedicated reports of all ballast water operations at any time for presentation to the designated port authorities.

The market expects Think Tank S-two to respond today to tomorrow’s challenges. 
And we are proud and eager to rise to the challenge.