Alarm Management.

Depending on the customers’ requirements, a large number of process and system alarms can be evaluated and processed by POSEIDON. These alarms may either be generated from the values of sensors being part of POSEIDON, such as tank level sensors, or, alternatively, originate from external alarm sources, like level or limit switches, pressure or level sensors, in either analogue or digital form.

A number of different interfaces (analog, digital, MODBUS or others) are available for this purpose. Visualization, logging and acknowledgement of these alarms are accomplished via POSEIDON’s user interface. All incoming alarms are captured in a looped alarm list. The complete alarm history in clear text, date and time as well as the alarm status (acknowledged/ not acknowledged) is listed.

Customer defined alarms may be output via separate alarm panels and displayed by means of alarm lamps, and also acoustically via sirens or horns. Common alarms may be output via high-intensity xenon flash lights.