Anti Heeling System (AHS).

POSEIDON can be equipped with an integrated Anti Heeling system to maintain the stability at loading and unloading of a vessel.

A high-precision inclination sensor detects the heeling angle and transmits the information directly to the PLC. Special algorithms generate control commands for the heeling pump and for the armatures belonging to the heeling tanks. An integrated position controller ensures the horizontal trimming of the vessel at all times. Level switches monitor the ballast water level in the heeling tanks and switch-off the Anti-Heeling system at undercutting or exceeding of the limits. A variety of monitoring elements ensures reliability of the system and prevents dangerous extreme states of the vessel. Optical and acoustical alarms indicate hazardous situations

The Anti Heeling system can be equipped with a special reversible AHS pump and armatures especially assigned to the AHS tanks. Alternatively, the system can be implemented by using existing ballast pumps and armatures.