Smart Data Logging System.

Generate dedicated reports of all ballast water operations at any time for presentation to the designated port authorities. Two types of reports can be generated:

Event based report

The event based report is generated purely based on any action on specific set of valves connected with any Ballast water tanks. This report will provide information for a specific duration of time chosen by the user, including which valve was operated at what time and at which GPS co-ordinate the operation was performed.

Tank summary report

Tank summary report is generated based on the operation of specific valve linked with the tank. This report will provide information in the form of snap shot of the Pump used, BWTS running status, Heel angle, Duration of operation and time and GPS co-ordinate where any operation is performed.

The log file has a readable format, is printable on paper amd can be copied to storage media, like USB memory sticks and others.