Smart ShipPowerBus – the ultimate solution

Smart ShipPowerBus is a dual-redundant serial ring bus. It connects all actuators in a point-to-point configuration. This technology vastly reduces the piping and wiring efforts of the shipyard. Moreover, standard power and data cables ensure worldwide availability.

Four versatile inputs at the armature, configurable as standard 4-20mA or digital inputs, allow connecting any kind of input sensor to the nearest LPU without complex cabling to the control cabinet or extra junction boxes.

A high-performance LPU (Local Processing Unit) mounted on each actuator controls the device and manages the bus communication. All types of actuators are equipped with identical LPUs, whose functionalities are initialized by Smart ShipPowerBus at start-up of the system. This vastly reduces the spare parts diversity and facilitates the maintenance.

The data is transferred to the PLC cyclically in both directions, ensuring continuous operability even after cable break or bus or LPU failure.

Short circuits also in the PowerBus can now be countered while maintaining the operability of the remaining components, making full use of computer controlled power-up of each individual LPU.

Even if water accidentally enters the LPU causing a short circuit or even burns, Smart ShipPowerBus is your weapon against an otherwise inevitable complete bus failure!

Even a wiring mistake during commissioning causes no damage. Its location is indicated in real-time and the error can be instantly corrected.

Smart ShipPowerBus ensures shorter and safer commissioning services.

Smart ShipPowerBus has been applied for patent in 2011.