Smart Tank Management.

Absolute pressure measurement

POSEIDON determines tank contents only via absolute pressure measurement. Absolute measuring devices are sealed from environmental influences (such as accumulated condensed water) and thus guarantee highest process stability.

Reference sensors, mounted outside the vessel structure (i.e. the bridge) measure the atmospheric pressure, unaffected by external influences. Compensation of the atmospheric pressure is accomplished by numerical subtraction in the main PLC.

A robust construction ensures an almost unlimited life-time of the measuring devices.


Differential pressure measurement

For special applications, i.e. submersiblelifters, POSEIDON offers differential pressure measurement. Error sources, e.g. if tanks are blown out by pressurized air, are eliminated.

The pressurized air is compensated by means of a second, identical sensor in the tank. Further compensation of the atmospheric pressure is accomplished by reference sensors outside the vessel structure, as described in “absolute pressure measurement”.