the multi-functional ship control system.

S-two’s highly integrated, multifunctional ship control system POSEIDON was designed for the application in container vessels, bulk carriers, oil, chemical, and gas tankers, multi-purpose vessels, passenger ships, various offshore industries, and many more.
Operation of all sub-systems is integrated into a single common user interface. Easy access and operation is made possible by an intuitive graphical user interface. Distributed control is offered via multiple workstations such as Engine Control Room, Cargo Office, Wheel House, and others. Individual access rights can be shared among the workstations. Optional interfaces allow the communication with superimposed ship control systems in both directions.

According to the customers’ requirements, the following sub-systems can be integrated:

All sub-systems are scalable to almost any complexity.
POSEIDON is certified by all major classification societies.

Smart ShipPowerBus - a must-have for your vessel!